Choosing The Dress

With the crazy amount of different wedding dresses that are out there, different styles, fabrics, shapes and cuts it is almost impossible to only choose one for your magical day. The dress you eventually do choose will be in your wedding albums for years and years to come, and you will be wearing it not only in front of your husband to be but for both your extended family and friends. So, you are going to want it to be the perfect dress, not just an amazing looking dress, but an amazing looking dress that will look fabulous on you. Here is some things that you should avoid when you are in for the choosing.


What you see on T.V is not necessarily reality

Don’t expect tears and crying or screaming when you find your dress, like they do on the show “Say Yes To The Dress”, if you do that’s great, but if you don’t do not doubt your choice every single day up to your wedding dress, just because you didn’t have those feelings and emotions as you see on the shows. Some do, some don’t, and it is fine if you are not the emotional type.


Don’t rush

Buying a fabulous dress only to find it a month later on 50% off, is one of those things you want to avoid. Don’t pay for your dress just like that. Take your time, and enjoy the moment and do your homework. If you do some research about the designer and find out when their next trunk show is, you might find your dress for at least 10% discount.


And also consider that styles of wedding dresses can change from year to year and if you have a long engagement you might not want to purchase a dress a year before your wedding day.

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Take a Walk

Don’t just stand there when you are fitting your dress. Standing on a podium smiling in front of a mirror is no good. On your wedding day you will be walking, sitting and dancing. While you are in the store, take a walk and sit down for a cup of tea, make sure your dress is functional and that you can take a breath in it. And you know what is great, to have a dress you don’t actually need help to use the bathroom when you need one, and to be able to sit down and take your shoes off and on as you wish.


Take Photos

Don’t forget to take lots and lots of photos. By taking photos of yourself in the dress from the sides, and the back you will be able to get an idea of what others will see when they eye you from every angle. The photos will also show you how the fabric looks, as some dresses made of silk or taffeta can appear wrinkled in pictures. And take a good look at how your body appears in your dress. If you have a favorite body part that you are extra proud of or want to stand out, maybe a part your partner love, find a dress that shows it off.


The Man

Just take a moment and think about what your fiancé likes. If you have a hard time choosing over two dresses, ask your guy what he thinks of lace or silk, sleeves or no sleeves or whatever the case is, and he might have a strong opinion about it. Anyway he is the reason you are wearing a wedding dress, and you want him to like at as much as you do.


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Choosing Transport for Your Wedding Day

Most people choose to arrive in some luxurious, amazing last model car on their wedding day. But the truth is you don’t actually have to go for a car in the first place, why not try something less traditional that will be fun to take pictures with for you and your guests? Or something that has some special meaning to you and your partner and that will bring the theme of your wedding all together. Here are some unique suggestions for transport that can be an inspiration to you.



If you choose to go for a car, why go for some stereotype new car, or the traditional limousine or vintage ride, when you can go for some cute retro car with charming personality. Like a Beetle from the 50’s or a cabriolet Mini Cooper, or a VW camper van from the 60’s. If you are having a big party and need to transport people, hiring a vintage bus could be your answer.




If you are having a farm wedding in a barn or in a field, with amazing scenery with wild flowers, trees and open meadows and not to forget all the little lambs and horses, how cool wouldn’t it be to arrive on a big red tractor, or on a trailer behind it. A perfectly romantic and practical way, arriving with a statement.

Becky Joiner My Fabulous Life


If you are having a beach wedding, why not arrive in some stunning boat? There are many options. It can be a fancy yacht, an Italian wooden speedboat, or what could be more romantic then a row boat made in wood?


By Sky

If you are really adventurous and like to make an entry you can skydive down to your venue, or arrive by helicopter. This will really surprise and impress your guests. This can make your wedding photography unforgettable!


Public Transport

Many young couple have less money to spend on transport to the wedding, but there are no need to worry, there are still many cool and less expensive options. Like the bus, trains, trams or a good looking black cab. But there are also other options on two wheels like a Vespa scooter, a bicycle for one or even two, and not to forget the romantic entry of arriving on a horse, whether it is on the back of the horse or behind it in a Cinderella wagon.


The choices are many, good luck choosing the one for you.

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Finding the right dress for your wedding

Uten navn

When I went out to look for my wedding dress at wedding gowns in Johannesburg, I was only thinking about what the dress would look alike. I was considering if I wanted a light, Greek Goddess looking dress, or if it should be a simple dress without any pearls or diamantes, should it be formal or non formal, what color or shape, should I go for a mermaid cut or a full length Cinderella dress, and what fabric should the dress be made of, should it be lace or light satin. The choices were numerous, and difficult to choose from. But then friends and family members started to give advices. And though they only wanted to help, it actually made the choice even harder.
The wedding dress needs so many qualities, that finding the one that has all the qualities I was looking for made it close to impossible to find. Though finding the style and fabric of the dress isn’t hard enough, I also had to find a dress that was comfortable to wear, so it would be a joy to take photos, and it had to be a dress I could dance in. The ideal would have had a dress for the ceremony, another dress for the photo shoot, and a third dress for the reception and dance. But who can afford that, not me.
Another thing I had to consider was what dress would look best for my body type. It took me a whole lot of research to find out what dress would look the best on my type of body. First of all I didn’t really know what body type I was, and much less how many different types of wedding dresses there are too choose from it terms of styles. What I found during my research was that if I have a pear shaped body I should wear an A-line skirt, that comes out from a cinched waist, it should have a diagonal draped bodice and deep neckline and no straps. For a triangular body shape I could wear a simple bias-cut wedding dress, as they are very flattering on a triangular shaped body. If my body is more rectangular shaped the focus should be on the waist with a fitted corset, wide neckline, and a full skirt.

Uten navn1
For an hourglass shaped body a low cut shape exposing the neckline, and a tight fitting waist looks great on an hourglass shaped woman, even a mermaid dress. For an apple shape the dress should cinch at the waist, then come out into an A shape in the skirt. To add more weight to the top of the body it looks great with an ornamented deep V neckline bodice, it gives visually a better proportioned look as it created a vertical line, that takes the attention away from the widest part of the waist.
For the petite body type a trumpet shape is good. A simple sheet gown, with narrow A line cut. To stretch the figure vertically, giving the impression of being taller than what the body actually is, its good to wear a waistline slightly above the natural waistline. And for the tall body the cut should be simple and clean, in terms of a bias cut or a sheath dress. The sleeves and length of the skirt must be made long enough to compliment the body proportions. If very thin its good to wear a dress that add curves in the right places, like cinched waist, ruched bodices and full skirts.
As my body is a combination of tall, hourglass and thin I had to combine the styles to a perfect combination fitting me perfectly. It was a lot of effort but in the end it was completely worth it.

The Wedding Dance

dance 2

A wedding is one of those magical events that everyone loves to be a part of, most of all for the groom and bride. The wedding is usually a romantic and adored time where the groom and bride exchange wedding rings and vows. This is almost a sacred time where they promise to be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives, in best of times as well as the worst. After the ring ceremony follows a reception, which is a celebration of the couple. The reception is a time for good food, talks by chosen family members and close friends, and photo shoots. Then comes the time for dancing. The wedding couple gets on to the dance floor and has the first dance as husband and wife. This is a beautiful moment that catches everyone’s breath, as the couple in love sweeps over the floor in each others arms. The wedding dress moves so beautiful around as the groom leads the bride all around the dance floor. This is when the wedding dress looks its best, and the bride shines like a brilliant diamond on the surface of the midnight sky.

The wedding dance is definitely one of those things that the bride and groom wants to turn out perfect. That’s why many couples goes for professional dance lessons. Most of the time a couple has a song that means a lot to them, that they want to use for their first dance. Unfortunately not every song is easy to dance to or create dance steps to, but that’s where the choreographer comes into the picture. Once a dance has been created, all it takes to make it perfect is lots and lots of training. Many songs take up to three to four minutes, but the first dance shouldn’t take more than two and a half minute. The choreographer and DJ will help to shorten the song if it needs to.

dance 1

After the first dance, the handsome groom and beautiful bride has shown of their dance skills, and stunning wedding dress, the time comes for the rest of the guest to dance. Usually the father of the bride or the person who present the bride gets to dance with bride after the first dance, this is when the groom dances with his natural mother and then step-mother. While their partner is already on the dance floor, both left out parent dance with each other.

The first dance as husband and wife should be a memorable experience. The first dance symbolizes the consummation of the wedding vows. You want to capture the feeling of this special moment which is why you need the best wedding photographer . It is the couples first cooperative activity and joint endeavor. When the bride accepts the groom invitation to dance, she accepts it for the rest of her life. The way the groom dances with his bride shows the strength, love and companionship and guidance he can offer his wife.

Learning to dance can be a great test of the couples patience and cooperative skills. It is important to be kind, understanding and forgiving to each other while learning. Learning to dance is just one out of a thousand other things they will have to learn in the close future, as they share the rest of their lives together.